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About Us & Why Patients Choose Us?

At Lotus Wellness Choice, our focus is You, who seek the cause behind  your signs and symptoms & not another diagnosis.


Is your chronic condition stealing the joy of your life and leave you drained and depressed day after day?

Have you missed everything that you love to do and used to do in sacrifice to put up with your health issue?

 Are your health goals taking a back seat to all of the life's other priorities?

Do you hear this is how it's going to be and you just need to deal with it?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions you are at the right place at right time.

Hi, my name is Dr. Nilou Zahedi and I am here to welcome you to our practice.

I am here to to explain a little bit about us and answer some of your most frequent questions.


Beause we listen to your story, we understand your complain isn't merely a pain here or discomfort there, but how your life, energy and dreams turn to ruins due to progression of your condition(s). We gather the information, we walk with you and together we don't leave any stone unturned. 


We believe that what've been giving you the life can also heal you.

Our wellness model conists of 3 level: The physical body not only needs to be physically,chemically and emotionally in ballance but also needs to be connected to our energy body and flow. When our energy is vibrating with healthy frequencies we get a chance to understand our spiritual existance and our purpose. We found out that our body systems working non stop to keep this orchestra playing flawlessly. They are the musicians who play different instruments to make this harmony. Your energy body is the concertmaster and liaison between your physical body and your spiritual being. Your spiritual you is the conductor. The Nervous system in our body run the communication between all 3 levels and all the physical body systems.

In Lotus Wellness Choice we are look for the root causes of the miscommunication and disruption of the physical, chemical and emotional homeostasis and also eneretic body, and then we work with you to uproot them.

This prepare us for our spiritual growth regardless of our religious belief system. We need to strengthen the first 4  pillars to be able to connect with our higher self. Our job is to help you and teach you how to help yourself to reach that goal. 

We are not about quick fix, since if there was such a thing, you have probably found it by now. 

We know that you've been in tough road and we know that you have an adventure ahead of you. We are here for you as your Wellness Strategist & Healing Facilitator to inspire you, reclaim your well being back, by choice and not chance.


Because Healthy YOU, Is Inpiring Us.

With Deep Gratitude!

Dr. Nilou Zahedi, DC


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In addition to providing comprehensive and personalized services for our members, we also post helpful tips for site visitors to enjoy and benefit from. Although nothing beats a custom-tailored program, I hope you’ll find these resources helpful.



At Lotus Wellness Choice, the gentle non-force Koren Specific Technique (KST) is our chiropractic path to

eliminate the underlying cause of pain &

nerve detachment through the realignment of your spine. We use yoga asanas and other integrative approaches for retraining your body for a Healthy Posture.

Mind Set

As we all know, The holistic well being cannot happen without a healthy mindset. Your brain is the creator of your reality & can be trained to create the healing environment that your mind, body & spirit  need. We offer programs that retrain your brain how to get rid of toxic thought and how to mind your mind. These programs are scientifically designed for this purpose and we make sure that you will be double rewarded.

Everything is energy, including the computer that you are looking at it now, the matter world that we live in & even us.

Any kind of disturbance in our energy pathways & patterns, can cause  chronic ailements. At LWC we guide you to how declutter your energy centers and let the energy flow. For any kind of healing your energy should flow with restriction. 

Although it's nice to be pain free, and or manage your blood sugar naturally, At Lotus Wellness Choice our goal is the help you  provide a homeostasis that you need to develop your soulful self. 

We want you to find your purpose of being in this material realm. We want you to find out how valuable and worthy you are and be able to enjoy of your internal gift.


What People Say

Tanya T.

The care I’ve received from Dr Nilou and Dr Knapp has been miraculous! They have a rare and unique combination of education and experience that makes me feel very comfortable and confident that I’m in good hands. I have a history of significant trauma from car accidents that has mostly resolved but once in a while gets triggered leaving me in excruciating pain in my back and neck. They were able to pinpoint the exact source of the issue and treated me successfully in a short number of sessions I’m back to my 💯. I highly recommend Lotus Wellness Choice.

Becky S.

I highly recommend Lotus Wellness Choice!
I am very happy with the care I receive. My neck pain is 100% better!
They listen carefully to my needs and go above and beyond to care for my overall health!
Thank you Dr Nilou and Dr Doug!

Candy B.

Candy is a well known Life and business strategist. You can know candy better through her website: and

Szaffi F.

08/2017 Google review for Restore Transform

"I feel furtunate that I have found Restore Transform Austin. It's a Wellness Haven. I have been getting adjustments from Dr. Nilou Zahedi who is a Holistic Chiropractor here. I have chronic pain in my back and legs and every treatments make a huge difference. I also had one acupuncture treatment and planning to get more. My experience has been wonderful and planning to participate in the Wellness Program which includes ongoing weekly chiropractic and acupuncture treatments and massage."

Brandon K.

08/18/2017 Thumbtack review for Dr. Nilou Zahedi

"Dr. Nilou takes the time to listen to you first and understand the problem. I have tried multiple medications and only she has been able to give me my life back and get my pain level down from horrible. She not only works on the physical pain, but helps you talk out any stress that might be contributing. Highly recommend."

Roseanne B.

07/20/2017 Thumbtack Review for Dr. Nilou Zahedi

"She is far more than a chiropractor; she 'treats' the whole person in a most caring way."

Karen A.

07/11/2017 Comment on FB Lotus Wellness Choice Page

"I went to Dr Nilou in December with chronic pain that I had had for many years. Her loving patient care and treatment has given me relief from the pain. She has helped me with my diet and I have lost weight while improving my health. Her husband Dr Doug Knapp has done subtle energy work on me which has resulted in long term relief. They have changed my life. Go see Dr Nilou and Dr Knapp."

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