Chiropractic Care

The Art of Gentle But Powerful Healing!

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       At Lotus Wellnes Choice, our approach to your physical pain and dis-ease is different than almost all other chiropractors and practitioners, due to its Holistic & Vitalistic Nature. While most health care providers aim to deliver an immediate symptom relief, our goal is to get few steps further: 

  • What is the underlyng cause of your symptoms? 

  • What process should be implement to reduce, cease and/or reverse the cause? And

  • How to easily learn & apply the lifestyle changes that maintain your pain and dis-ease free condition?

       Most chronic back pain, neck pain, fatigue, and headache cases, are not just simple result of a misaligned vertebra. They are usually result of accumulation of repetitive micro/macro injuries which cause a segmental misalignment of the spine and/or joint, and also the emotions involve with those injuries which hold your body in the posture as response to stress.

​       We check you for the area of limited range of motion, thightness and inflammation, radiation of the pain, nerve dettachment, Binary Biofeedback Technique and if it's necessary we order x-ray.

       By utilizing Koren Specific Technique we locate and correct/release areas of blockage, distortion, subluxation, interference, stagnation and other stresses in the body that are often missed by most healthcare professionals. We also use variety of other gentle techniques like: Triggerpoint Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, and Corrective Care tools & exercises. We uniquely tailor your treatment plan to restore & maintain the structure of your spine and eliminate the source of nerve interference – the main culprit of pain, tingling and numbness, fatigue, and disease.

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