Mind Set

"Oh, The Thinks You Can Think If Only You Try!"

Mind set4.jpg

       Have you ever heard or experienced that a health care provider answer to a patient's long lasting chronic pain & discomfort is: "It's all in your head." I heard this form many of my patients and how their hearts have sunk, because all of them knew what their practitioners is telling them there is nothing else to do, because these are all their imagination, their feeling sorry for themselves.

       The million dollar question is: "Are those practitioners right?' The answer is "No" and "Yes" at the same time:  

      - NO, You are not just delusional about your pain and discomfort that plaguing your life. Your condition is a very true experience.

      - YES, Your mind, thoughts and emotions can affect your chemical balance, in result even your genetic expression and finally cause a physical dis-ease which can linger for long, as long as you are running the same senario in your mind, and even can transfer generation by generation. 

       How to break this vicious cycle? At lotus wellness choice we pick few of the most effective scientific tools to help our patients with, as our mindset can be our best friend or worst enemy. We placed a system to develop the good habits and positive mindset and regress the bad habits and negative thoughts.

       We also offer Neurogym Programs. "NeuroGym® is where you train and strengthen your mental and emotional skills to improve your performance and results in life." (You can find this page under our services or for all the programs you can search in Patient Center For all the available Neurogym programs.)* Do you feel this is not the right time for you? Do you want to know if you are just procrastinating and how to solve your procrastination problem?