7 Tips For Decluttering!

March 2nd is the National Old Stuff Day. It's a good day to begin spring cleaning, and be able to finish it before the Spring Equinox. Most people dread decluttering. Because it can be to much work and sometimes emotionally painful. Sometimes it's difficult to decide what should go and what should stay. So here is few tips to make the job easy:

  1. Break it down to small portion: A small room or even smaller, a closet in the room or a drawer of the dresser.

  2. Have 4 boxes for what you want to organize: box1: stuff that should be trashed (have a separate shred pile), box2: stuff that should be donated or go for garage sale; if you hadn't used something for 5 years the chance that you really need that is slim to none, let somebody who really need it use it, box3: stuff that you are not sure to keep or get rid of, box4: for the stuff that you want to keep

  3. Before you get into opening the drawer to organize have some wipes and needed cleaning supplies you definitely want to wipe and swish the old energy out.

  4. Make it fun or sacred: play a music that you like, if you are insence or candle burning, please do so.

  5. Set a time goal for yourself: be realistic not too short not too long.

  6. Stuff in the box 3 usually are the difficult dettachment. Wash, clean and organize them them and wrap them like a gift. Later you need to decide that this is going to be a gift back to you or someone else.

  7. Set a reward for your self even if it is as little as a checkmark on your to do list and thanking yourself for taking one step forward! it may look smal but you break a huge resistance and you are well on your way to be a go getter!

Hope that you can use these tips to make your easier and more organized. Remeber that that your surroundings are reflection of your mind and vise versa! Happy Decluttering!

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