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Bonuses: Reset for Flu & Allergy in a Week, for Less Than $10 per Day


Return the Trick or Treat Tag on your bag to receive the following discounts:

Flu and Allergy Reset Kit
Flu and Allergy Reset Kit for Less than $10 per Day

* 20% off Lymph Drainage Massage with Todd Griego

To schedule call or email: 512-720-5985

* 20% off Cranial Sacral Therapy and Reiki with Mallory Davidson

To schedule call: 903-227-1110

* 20% off EFT Tapping or CLH Energy Work with Jenn Irwin

To schedule call or text: 737-302-5666

Or Book Online:

* 20% off Pranic Healing & Manual Chiropractic with Dr. Doug Knapp

To schedule text: 512-284-2274

* 20% off Non-Force Chiropractic Care with Dr. Nilou Zahedi

* 20% off Functional Lab Review with Dr. Nilou Zahedi

To Schedule call: 512-456-7508 or text: 512-553-3573

* 10% off Lotus Wellness Choice Supplements

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