Terms & Customer Privacy Policy

Just to be in the same page:

  • We ask for your shipping address so when we want to send you a reward or your welcome packet we have it handy. We won't use it for any other reason. 

Functional Medicine Care:

  • You understand the information shared here with you, Does Not replace your Doctor/Practitioner visits or their advices."Functional Medicine does not treat diseases." The Functional Medicine treatments helps to reset the body system' function. To do so it follows a scientific, systemic and functional approach that are described below:

  1. Functional nutrition: with functional nutrition we are avoiding the non-negotioable foods. These are the food, food componants and  chemicals (Internal stressors) that causing inflamation and dysunction in your body. Instead, you learn how to use the foods that noursh your body. These diets combine with the supplements that synergistically work with your systems and/or bring your deficiency to sufficiency, can make noticable changes in your health conditions and provide a healing environment for your body. The more compliant you are with this protocol, the greater chance your body gain back functionality.

  2. To help with your external stressors and to navigate your Lifestyle toward the healing path you may be provided with brain-retraining recordeing, exercises, and meditation guidelines that improve and accelerate your healing process.These may be provided via in-person, video and virtual consultation and/or your treatment plan. 

  3. "The herbs, remedies, and nutritional supplements that are recommended are considered safe in the practice of oriental medicine and by the manufacturer. Systemic Formulas suplements have 5 years shelf live guaranteed. They are to be consumed according to the instructions provided both orally and in writing and that some formulations may have an unpleasant smell or taste. You must agree to notify the Lotus Wellness Choice team immediately if you experience any unanticipated or unpleasant effects associated with the consumption of any supplements, herbs, or remedies. You also understand it is your responsibility to disclose any and all current medication or natural supplements you are currently taking or if you are pregnant (or planning to become pregnant) during your course of treatment. Possible side effects to the herbs, supplements, or remedies may include: nausea, gas, stomachache, vomiting, headache, diarrhea, rashes, or hives.

By submitting the form I agree that I understant all that mentioned above. I also do not expect the Dr. Zahedi and her team to anticipate and explain all possible risks and complications of treatment but that treatments utilized are research based and backed by strong evidence."


It is the policy of our clinic to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of protected health information (PHI) pertaining to our patients. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that our clinic and its physicians and staff have the necessary medical and PHI to provide the highest quality medical care possible while protecting the confidentiality of the PHI of our patients to the highest degree possible.

PHI is defined as any information whether oral or recorded, in any form or medium, that is created or received by a healthcare provider that connects the patient’s name to any treatment, financial status, or health status in the past, present, or future. PHI is generally used when we send and receive information to/from doctors, lawyers, pharmacies, and insurance companies.

If PHI is requested by another office or by the patient, we request the patient sign a release form before any information can be shared or released. There is an understanding that we may send PHI if requested by your insurance company in order to secure payment (when applicable) for you or us.

Only the minimum information necessary will be shared, as a rule. Disclosure of PHI in the following cases does not require patient consent:

  • If the disclosure is required by law.

  • If the request is from the public health authority.

  • If the request involves child abuse, neglect, domestic violence, etc.

  • In judicial and administrative proceedings.

  • Requests from law enforcement.

  • Requests for cadaveric organ, eye, or tissue donation purposes.

  • Food and Drug Administration requests.

  • In cases of communicable diseases.

  • To avert a serious and imminent threat to health and safety.

  • Workers Compensation

Patients have the right to receive a copy of this Notice of Privacy Practices. It will always be available online. They have the right to access their own PHI and to request amendments and restrictions. Patients have the right to not be intimidated or threatened when making these requests. We may not require them to sign a waiver, relinquishing these rights, in order to receive treatment. Patient’s names will not be used in any fundraiser or venture without prior authorization.

Unless we are otherwise directed, PHI will only be released to friends and/or family if the patient is incapacitated or it is an emergency and ONLY if the doctor decides that is in the best interest of the patient. If you have family members who you would like to authorize access to your PHI, please list their names below. Custodial parents have access to their children’s PHI if they are minors unless another agreement has been made if the doctor believes there is a possibility of child abuse or neglect.

If a patient requests an amendment of, or access to their PHI, depending on the situation, the doctor may or may not comply. If access or amendments are denied, the patient will be provided with a statement that includes the reasons for that denial. Our office has 30 days to respond to any request for information. If the requested information is kept offsite, our office has 60 business days to respond. If the patient does not agree with the doctor’s decision, there is an appeals process that will be explained to the patient at that time.

By submitting the form I agree that I have read the above notice and acknowledge the privacy practices as written above.