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Shift Your Mindset,
Raise Your Vibrancy,
Reset Your Health,
One Quantum Leap at a Time!

Discover Holistic Wellness with Dr. Nilou

Grow Your Hope & Experience The Healing

Imagine jumping out of your bed in the morning like you want to embrace the life and conquer the world! 

Imagine growing healthier as getting older, so you can do what you want when you want it! 

Imagine you, vigorous, without brain fog, pain and fatigue, showing up everyday to live your fullest life!

Imagine your healthy, happy & super version of yourself & begin to dream. Because your dreams are about to come  true!

Dare To Lead Your Life

Join the group of the warriors who are determined to claim their rights to their wellness.... Be alligned, inspired, empowred and devoted to your transformation, Become Your Own Super Hero.

This challenge is for you IF:

  • You feel, dragging your body day to day.

  • Your blood work is "normal", but you don't feel "normal".

  • They told you "this is how it's going to be, because you are getting older" and down deep in your heart you are not willing to accept this life sentence.

  • You know that you can look, feel and perform on much higher level in all aspects of your daily life, because you have this burning desire for it.

  • You are ready to take action and invest in yourself, because it's your birth right to become "THE BAD-ASS VERSION OF YOURSELF" for your own sake and for all others around you! 


Take The Next Steps &
This Can Be YOU!

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Start Your Individualized Reset Program 

Celebrate the Health

That You Reclaimed

Share Your Success Story

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 Your Obstacles & Questions?

"Money, Time, Hope"

I know you've spent ton of money and time on other practitioners and programs, you developed hope again and again to be disappointed once more. I know you're scared of wasting more money, time and hope. I get it, I've been there.

This is going to be YOUR BEST LAST HEALTH STOP to get your life back. Because I walk with you every step through this journey to get you to your destination.

"What Makes My Approach Different From Your Other Practitioners?"

This is a loaded question with so many answers. But I bullet point the most important ones for you here:

  • I am expert in finding extraordinary answers to your health dilemma, in your ordinary lab results.

  • I have the experience, empathy and patience to walk you through your journey.

  • I know the mind games and soul aches while we are going through difficult times and I know what to do about them.
    Been there, Done that.

"You Did Labs & All Are Normal,

You Did Diets & No Change"

I know you've already done all the lab tests,  you've been cleaning your diet, running on treadmill and thinking what's going to be different this time?

I am happy you've done this, that saves money  /time, and make your journey much easier. I don't ask for more labs. I begin with your ordinary lab results, the ones that you already have.

I don't ask for diet, I teach you how to make relationship with food that serve you and how to make healthy living simple and fun.

"I went to Dr Nilou in December with chronic pain that I had had for many years. Her loving patient care and treatment has given me relief from the pain. She has helped me with my diet and I have lost weight while improving my health. Her husband Dr Doug Knapp has done subtle energy work on me which has resulted in long term relief. They have changed my life. Go see Dr Nilou and Dr Knapp."

- Karen A.

When I first went to Dr Nilou my head and body was a mess from vertigo and who knows what. I had been to many doctors and hospitals trying to just figure something to give me some relief in my head and make my body stop feeling so sick everyday. From the first day and even the entry interview she took more time to just get to know me and my situation than any doctor I had before I finally didn’t feel like a patient that was just trying to get pushed on to the next person. After our first chiropractic appointment I felt so good my head and body finally got the relief I was looking for to where I finally felt like I could start doing just simple daily activities without being miserable. She also helped with my nutrition and helps with my posture. After every appointment I feel like a new person. I still use Dr.Nilou and would recommend her and lotus wellness choice to anyone they are amazing!!!

- Andrew L.

I decided to become a patient of Dr. Nilou Zahedi at Lotus Wellness Choice March of 2022. The issues we started working on focused mostly around body aches and posture issues. After starting my treatments with Dr. Z, I noticed immediate improvement in my posture and all my daily aches and pains. Stress was a third component that was preventing me from fully living my life as I desired. Her approach with me included chiropractic work and also a supplement program which helped tremendously. Through my work with Dr. Z. I have seen a reduction in stress levels and overall improvements in my life. If you are looking to find a new chiropractor to work with, I can't recommend Dr. Z enough. She is a kind and compassionate practitioner who always has treated my needs with a very high priority.

- Bill L.

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Become a Badass Health Warrior

Welcome to scheduling page for Your Discovey Day with Dr. Nilou Zahedi. I'm so glad and excited, that you're interested to find out, how my services can help you get your life back.

We only accept individuals who are ready to make a permanent change in their life. Your life WILL improve in all areas including health, confidence, work and relationships, but many people are not ready for that kind of change to occur. We wish to serve those who are ready to LOVE THE CONFIDENCE IN HEALING.

Please fill and submit your application/Intake form 48 hours before Your Discovery Day appointment.




On Your Discovery Day I will have a zoom call with you at your scheduled time to review your application and guide you to your next appointment, Your Empowerment Day explore which program is best for you.

If you schedule a call and need to change the time please use the links in the email to reschedule as NO SHOWS will not be rescheduled..


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